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 Welcome to the information resource on Korg digital pianos. Here you can learn virtually everything on this kind of musical instruments, collect useful information on existing Korg piano models and also get some tips on choosing your first ever digital piano. Let's start our journey from the small overview of Korg pianos.



Korg LP-350 digital piano


Learning to play piano is, indeed, a cool thing. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, or playing Beyonce by ear - with your new digital piano it's all in your hands. AND MORE - with this kind of piano you no more need to go to dusty music classes, listen to that out-of-tune old instruments - it's all in your room. No more expensive shipping and regulart tuning needed. And look - with these digital pianos from Korg how much free space you get! You can easily move instrument from one room to another, practice quietly, not disturbing your neighbours and relatives, enjoying (in most cases) a beautiful hammer piano action. Now let's take a closer look at the Korg pianos:


Korg LP-350

Korg LP-350 stylish digital piano


Korg SP-250

Korg SP-250 home and stage piano

 Korg SV-1

Korg SV-1 ultimate stage piano

 Korg SP-170

Korg SP-170 affordable digital piano

Korg microPIANO 

Korg supercompact microPIANO

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The latest Korg piano technology brings everything included: great sounding samples of the acoustic and electric pianos and also additional sounds like electric jazz and blues organ, pipe organ, strings and vocal ensemble, guitar, vibraphone and a sythesizer pads. A realistic 88-note hammer action closely emulates the mechanism of the acoustic grand piano wooden action and adds more realism to the playing experience - special metal weights on the other side of the piano key help it to make a realistic bounce. Plus a several selectable touch dynamic curves make a sound and a keyboard match each other closely.  A lot of models of Korg digital pianos include internal speakers which means you can plug it to the power socket, press a button and begin to play almost immediately, not losing a single bit of inspiration. This is also important when you're in a hurry, having a little time to practice piano. In addition to speakers you can plug headphones in your piano and practice almost in silence (or plug TWO headphones to work with your teacher or with your piano mate playing four-hand piece).

The second thing vital for your learning skills is metronome which is included in some Korg models. It will help you to improve your sense of rhythm. In addition a variations of piano tuning models are present, including ones applied in baroque and classical music (Kirnberger and Werckmeister). To add ambience and colour to your piano sound you have Chorus and Reverb effects. Any Korg digital piano you choose gives you a unique experience a real expressive keyboard instrument, ready to learning sessions or stage performance.